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Summertime | markcofer

This is my ‘Song Of The Week' and going along with the theme of a Long Winter I decided to write a summertime song.  I ran out of time this week to get started.  I had the idea last Monday, but didn’t have time to start writing it till Friday.  My buddy and fellow singer songwriter Dave Robinson cowrote it with me on Friday night.  The lyrics are about typical things you do in the summer, with a hint of loneliness from a girl who left you behind, but is back for the summer.

On Saturday, I put down the basics of the song.  I knew from my demo I did last Monday that I wanted a doubled vocal line and a driving beat.  The lead vocal I did at the same time with Dave harmonizing.  It was my first chance I got to use the ‘figure 8’ pattern on my new AKG C-414, that made me very excited! (And by the way for the recording impaired, all that means is that you can sing out of the front and back of the microphone).  At the end of recording the basics, it sounded very thin, so I added an organ, steel drums, and a clav (all of which remind me of the summer, don’t ask me why the clavi does, because I am not quite sure).  I love the way it turned out, it is different and that is what I love about it.  I loved the arrangement of instruments I used, they all fit nicely.  It took up until 2am, but I finished!

Tell me what you think!  Does it bring up any warm feelings of summer? 

You can DOWNLOAD this song on bandcamp -   Why not add it to your summertime mix while you’re outside enjoying the sun? CLICK HERE and then click on BUY NOW.  You can name your own price… my suggested retail price is one dollar :)  and if a dollar is just too much, then you can enter $0 and get it for free!  

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Over The Weekend…

we had a weekend packed with fun FREE things. keyword… FREE. If it’s free, we love it!

We celebrated Earth Day by collecting free seeds and trees to plant, then went on to celebrate National Record Store Day at our local Record Store “Grimeys.” We also went to “Third Man Records"  which is Jack White’s record shop and recording studio. At Third Man Records they auctioned off the Go Kart from the Raconteurs music video and the Raconteurs played a free show. 

All together we had a great FREE weekend! 

Stayed tuned for the planting of the free seeds…

- Claudia Kay

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