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'All Is Fair' Score.

My sister, Lee was editing a student project that needed some music.  The only problem was she needed it in 2 days… I said that I would do score it and we got it finished in time.  Lee also did all the beginning and ending graphics.  They look so cool.  Oh and besides the editing, she also did all the sound effects and sound editing.  Great work Lee!

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Mark Cofer & The Simpler Times


Come Together - Mark Cofer 

This one was made with a little help from my friends… (Beatles joke intended) The awesome Shannon Hurley lent her talents for the keyboard and Ben Eisen (yes of the Ben 500 and Lovers & Poets) played the bass.  Thank you guys for the help!  

I left most of the song just like the recording.  I played an acoustic guitar and played the lead parts with a slide.  I don’t know how much I made this song my own, but all the parts that make up this song are so great and why mess with perfection?

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Things I’m working on…

I think as for now I am not going to do a ‘Song-A-Week’ anymore.  I have too many other exciting things going on.  I have been trying to concentrate on songwriting and I want to start playing more live shows, so I’m going to get some friends together and film a few live performances and also start make a few videos for my songs.  I have a few great new songs I am excited for everyone to hear and hopefully will be pressing my next album on vinyl.  I am going to try to have it finished in the next few months.  I would love everyone’s input on which songs they have liked of mine recently and would like me to include on the album.  

I am also recording an EP for my buddy Dave Robinson, who is a recent Nashville Transplant.  We will be done with the recordings probably by the end of the month. They are sounding great so far.  

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Summertime | markcofer

This is my ‘Song Of The Week' and going along with the theme of a Long Winter I decided to write a summertime song.  I ran out of time this week to get started.  I had the idea last Monday, but didn’t have time to start writing it till Friday.  My buddy and fellow singer songwriter Dave Robinson cowrote it with me on Friday night.  The lyrics are about typical things you do in the summer, with a hint of loneliness from a girl who left you behind, but is back for the summer.

On Saturday, I put down the basics of the song.  I knew from my demo I did last Monday that I wanted a doubled vocal line and a driving beat.  The lead vocal I did at the same time with Dave harmonizing.  It was my first chance I got to use the ‘figure 8’ pattern on my new AKG C-414, that made me very excited! (And by the way for the recording impaired, all that means is that you can sing out of the front and back of the microphone).  At the end of recording the basics, it sounded very thin, so I added an organ, steel drums, and a clav (all of which remind me of the summer, don’t ask me why the clavi does, because I am not quite sure).  I love the way it turned out, it is different and that is what I love about it.  I loved the arrangement of instruments I used, they all fit nicely.  It took up until 2am, but I finished!

Tell me what you think!  Does it bring up any warm feelings of summer? 

You can DOWNLOAD this song on bandcamp -   Why not add it to your summertime mix while you’re outside enjoying the sun? CLICK HERE and then click on BUY NOW.  You can name your own price… my suggested retail price is one dollar :)  and if a dollar is just too much, then you can enter $0 and get it for free!  

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Here is a clip I had to redo the sound for in school. I re-orchestrated it, added the sound effects, and the foley. I tried to do the voices, but can’t throw my voice very well, I always sound the same. So, Jeremy Groves did the Mayor’s voice at the beginning and Kyle Thomas did the rest. Thanks to both of you for the help! And thanks to The Claw for being the dead girl’s voice! Hope you all enjoy it.

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Mark Cofer
Everything Changes

Song - A -Week

Everything Changes - Mark Cofer

This song is exactly what the title implies.  This song is dedicated to the Isaacson’s who just got their offer accepted on a new house!!! Congratulations all of you!  Also, I just got the invite for the 10 year reunion, which frightened me.  With thoughts of all this change came this song.  My favorite part is the reverbed slide guitar in the background.  My musical idea for this song came with a suspended chord.  If you don’t know, suspended chords want to resolve.  I hung on a suspended chord during the line ‘I wish that things could stay the same’ to give it the feeling of you want to stay the same (on the suspended chord) but you can’t, it wants to change (or resolve).  I used a djembe for the bass kick, some brushes for my snare, and a tamborine and I really like how they all sound together.  I hope you like it!  Tell me what you think.  Does it sound like a song Burt Bacharach would have written?

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Mark Cofer
My Only One And Only


My Only One And Only - By Mark Cofer

This weeks song is very influenced by 50’s music.  A mix of Otis Redding, Buddy Holly, Sam Cooke, and the LA Soul Project.  I have really been loving the simplicity of the music back then.  I really wanted to make a song that could have beena hit in that era.  I thought it needed to have a play on words title, that is where ‘My only one and only’ came from.  The lyrics are also very simple.  I wanted it to have some pauses and hits and be more of a verse/bridge type song… Tin Pan Alley style.  I actually would love this song if an artist sang it.  I think It may be one of my best Song - A - Week songs, but it may be just because it’s the kind of music I like right now.  I think my favorite part is the organ solo that is followed by the guitar solo.  I coudln’t help but use the minor 4 chord in this song… I think it is becoming one of my trademarks.  I have used it in most of my songs this year.  To give it that 50’s sound I used an augmented 5 chord too.  Hope you like it.  If you know anyone who likes 50’s music, share it with them!

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Mark Cofer
I Don't Wanna Grow Up


'I Don't Wanna Grow Up'  as sung by Mark Cofer

 I am trying to cover one song from Paste’s list of the greatest living songwriters.  I have gotten behind on doing this, but here is #4… Tom Waits. This is a Tom Waits song off of Bone Machine.  I had a hard time picking a Tom Waits song, because I love so many of them.  I attempted to do one of my favorite songs ever, Ol 55, but I couldn’t quite capture it.  Lyrically, this is one of my favorite Waits songs, it is so great, I wish I could have written it!  

By the way, Hayes Carll did a great cover of this song too.  

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Mark Cofer
The Days Fly By

SONG -A - Week

The Days Fly By - Mark Cofer

Ok, I know I can’t call it song - a -week unless I do it every week.  I apologize.  It was the wife’s birthweek, I have had lots of school work and Claudia has had a lot of photography shoots that I have had to help out with. Also, I have been doing a few videos for people lately.  SO, although I am trying to make excuses, I am going to get focused and continue to do a song - a -week.  And maybe I will try to make up the 3 weeks I missed.  This song I wrote yesterday and spent all day recording it yesterday and today.  It is midterm week at school, so I needed a way to procrastinate.

ABOUT THE SONG:  I had the melody for this song, and I really liked it.  I couldn’t find any words that fit and the other night someone told me what happened in Japan (it’s sad but I never watch the news, I avoid it, because it depresses me) so I turned on the news and got instantly depressed, so I came downstairs to the ‘Cof Cave’ (my man cave) and the words seemed to all come out.  I took the chorus from a song I started writing a few weeks ago, but got bored of.  It all seemed to fall in place.  The song was originally going to be about laying underneath the stars… I’m glad that the (bad) news inspired me.  I have been working lately on really making every instrument have a ‘part’ because sometimes I just start improvising and before I know it, I have 3 instruments that are soloing throughout the song and muddying it up.  So this is my attempt at a very simple instrumentation.  I like the way this song turned out.  I couldn’t find my shaker so I used a packet of sugar too!  It sounds just like a shaker.  Let me know what you think of it.

Oh and by the way, my favorite part is the guitar at the end.

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Mark Cofer
True Love Will Always Be


True Love Will Always Be - By Mark Cofer

Yes I posted this last week, but it’s different… I PROMISE! I made this song last week essentially for a Valentine’s present for Claudia. I listened to it several times and realized that I really liked it. So, if you have ever wondered how much different my demos are from a finished product, listen to my song (which is essentially in demo form) from last week and then listen to this one. I changed the name, added a band (banjo, drums, bass, backing vocals, and changed the organ), added a little breakdown, and changed the vocal melody and cadence. But it was all worth it, I really liked the way it turned out. The hardest thing to do was the banjo. I did it on the keyboard and had to slow down the tempo a bit just to be able to play it. I really tried to give this song some dynamic changes like Mumford & Sons does to their songs… that’s also where I got the idea for the banjo. I think it really helped this song out. Tell me what you think of it!

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Mark Cofer
True Love It Will Always Be


Happy Valentines Day to the lovely and talented Claudia Cofer!  Here is a song I wrote for you.  I mean every word.  

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Mark Cofer
It's Hard Making Friends On The Road

SONG - A - WEEK (Feb. 1-7)

Mark Cofer - It’s Hard Making Friends On The Road

I love everything about this song!  It turned out really well.  I sat down with my buddy Brett Greene (who also played lead electric guitar and bass on this song) and tried to formulate this song.  I had the chorus, but my verses didn’t flow into it… so we picked around a bit and got the structure down.  We recorded all the parts that night except vocals  (I didn’t have words yet, so I just mumbled a little scratch vocal).  As soon as I played one note on the organ, I knew it was perfect for this song.  I think it’s my favorite part of the song.  There’s a lot going on in this song so it took a while to mix it.  Tell me what you think!  

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