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The Minor Canon
Cave In
Ben 500: Ben Eisen’s Top Songs Ever!
333. The Minor Canon - “Cave In” (2005)
BEN: Before I joined The Minor Canon, before there was even a band; singer/guitarist/songwriter Paul Larson created a 6 song demo EP in his home studio. Paul played all of the instruments, including drums, bass, guitar, piano, mellotron, percussion, and more. The standout track of these 6 songs, in my opinion is “Cave In”, a song later to appear in much different form on TMC’s 2007 debut record No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. The demo version has much more of a stripped down rock edge with electric guitar taking center stage, rather than piano and horns. The end of the song features flashes of the avant garde sound that would come later, with synthesized horns and processed drums. The lyrics to “Cave In” are almost a celebration of alienation, loneliness and boredom. “This cave I’m in keeps the sun out/And the air is filled with stale smoke/And sometimes it’s quite nice”. Paul’s signature brand of brooding pathos is already present and the seeds for a great band are planted.
Key lyric: “There’s nothing to do again/Just like yesterday/And every day before that/That I can remember”
MARK:  I like that this song has a very ‘walk through the park’ feel.  Almost like you don’t know where it’s going and you don’t really seem to care because it is perfect for the moment.  I love the drums and the piano.  In a way (besides the vocals and production stye) this is Bon Iver before Bon Iver.  I really like this song.  It’s simple, diverse, interesting, and cool.
By the way… I found this when I was searching for the album art… #6 best local bands of 2007
Claudia’s Review:  I like this one!

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