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Soul Man

The Ben 500:  Ben Eisen’s list of the greatest songs to ever hit your ears.

351. Sam & Dave - “Soul Man” (1967)


Ben:  Samuel David Moore and Dave Prater were two of the finest soul singers of the 60’s, and “Soul Man” is their biggest and most beloved hit. Coming up on the Stax label with Otis Redding and Booker T & The MG’s(who were the backing band on this track), Sam and Dave electrified audiences with their energetic live shows, and scored several other hits including the Isaac Hayes-penned classics “I Thank You” and “Hold On, I’m Coming”. I think I like “Soul Man”(also co-written by Hayes) the best because it is a great showcase for both singers, Sam being the more playful, bombastic one, and Dave laying down the gritty low end. I love the hilarious lyrics too. Not just anyone could get away with lines like ”Good lovin, I got a truckload” and “I learned how to love before I could eat”. Booker T & The MG’s do a masterful job. My man Donald “Duck” Dunn lays down his slinky bass line, drummer Al Jackson Jr. brings that driving beat and Steve Cropper’s dextrous guitar playing adds another groove to nod your head to. Try to keep in your seat when you play this one, I dare you!

 Key lyric: “I was brought up on a side street/I learned how to love before I could eat”
Mark:  I don’t know how you couldn’t like this song.  The guitar playing is great along with that great bass line.  I love the old school production with the drums and piano on one side and bass and guitar on the other.  With vocals in the middle.  I love how this song has a great riff, a catchy bouncy verse with a great hook that has that driving beat behind it.  Songs like this are just fun, memorable, and long lasting… this song will be cool even in 50 years.
Claudia’s Review:  Oh yeah Ben 500. 

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